The Man Made Process

The Man Made Process

Man Made is extremely passionate about providing completely customized, quality clothing to our clients at an affordable price. We seek to increase style and confidence by providing fine-tailored clothing including suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, slacks, vests, overcoats, premium shoes, and more. Our mission is to make you look better than you did. 

Step 1: Schedule Your Fitting


Schedule your customized fitting with one of our experienced Style Consultants. We will guide you through your personalized wardrobe experience. At Man Made, we know that each person is unique, and your clothing should be too.

Contact us to request a consultation and fitting.

Step 2: The Consult


Come in, relax, and have a drink as you discuss your current needs and desires with your personal Style Consultant. There are two different ways go about creating your suits, either by browsing our Man Made Looks, or by choosing the suit details yourself with Man Made My Way.


Man Made Looks are carefully paired wardrobe suggestions with suit, dress shirt, shoes etc. Our Style Guides used their extensive knowledge and fashion sense to create these outfit ensembles while considering current trends, patterns, and fabrics. This option is great for someone who wants to have an elevated look but isn’t sure how to create it themselves.

The second option, Man Made My Way, allows you to select all the details yourself: fabrics, threads, buttons, jacket style including the number of buttons, lapel style, fit, brand etc. You can also determine if you prefer a more classic or fitted style. Many of our clients love the sheer variety of bold, interesting patterns and options. For some, selecting these details is the best part of their experience.

No matter how you choose to design your suits, rest assured that your Style Consultant will guide you effortlessly through the process, and be there to offer a valued opinion. For the fitting, your Style Consultant will take about twenty five measurements, including shoulder width, bicep circumference, waist, and rise, to ensure a perfect fit. These measurements are used by our tailor to create a custom pattern, which is then used to create your wardrobe.

Once the measurements have been taken and your suits have been selected, it takes about four weeks for the clothing to be customized to your perfect fit. Each suit is designed with only you in mind. Many of our clients love to have their suits personalized with their name, a special phrase or date that means something to them.

Step 3: Perfection Fitting

Try on your customized clothing to ensure perfection. We guarantee a proper fit and our tailors will make slight adjustments if needed.

Step 4: Spread The Word

At Man Made, we value and appreciate our clients. We want to show our gratitude when you spread the word by giving you this free, custom shirt for every referral suit purchase.


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