Every suit needs the proper outerwear complement through the colder months. Either an overcoat or a topcoat are the preferred pieces to wear over a suit. The difference is that an overcoat is made with heavier fabric than a topcoat

It’s just as important to have your overcoat custom fitted as your suits. You’ll get the same incredible fit you love on your suits, but slightly bigger and more dramatic, sculpting your whole figure in the most flattering way. Choose a versatile fabric because you’ll wear it more frequently than your suits. Also, think about the suits you currently have to ensure that the fabric you choose will compliment them.

Overcoats aren’t just for when you’re suited up. Be sure to pair it with the right shoes, and the overcoat will compliment even a casual ensemble for a nice evening out.

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your collar down. They are structured in such a way that they are intended to be flipped up. Now you’re ready to suit up, cold weather style.

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